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Dislike / Vomit / Sly / Wish / Attitude
I sometimes think deeplyThe feelings I have restrainedThis chaos isn’t understoodIt’s freedom and profitIf there is no profit, can’t I buy all the freedom?No!What’s necessary now is…The sharpness of the mind
Obey instinct

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There is no certain tomorrowMay the flowers continue withering I wonder what we left you with?Time is fleeting This is where the [Countless] downpouring voices pause[Come to and end]The scenery loses its colorsand the light comesas if you are woken from a dreamBefore the [Countless] disappears Let our heartsbecome one now[Before the finale]

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Don’t touch me! Shut up! Damn it! Shut up!Stop jokingIs it not allowed to betray God?Answer. Is this right?[Come over here…]Shut up! Damn it! Shut up!Stop jokingIs it not allowed to betray God?Answer. Is this right?Hope is nil…

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A beautiful shapeFive shadows creeping in the malformed boxUgly feelings that can never be stifled are that of a beast’s formTransient dreamsA providence born of devouring one anotherWhen you hide your real nature, you become the lie…

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Tell me rain, what should I do?Because I don’t know and I can’t move onAnswer me rain, it needs to end, doesn’t it?At this rate I might break.
It’s not like I always had my eyes turned away from howsomething in your personality didn’t go well with mineIt hurt every time I tried to fill the gap between us that felt so wide…

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    the GazettE - Naraku (Aoi x Uruha)
Marry someone who accepts you and your gay porn.
—My older sister with boyfriend issues (via thelifeofyaoi)
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the GazettE x Sony Walkman photos



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